Non-profit organizations we support

Stop Rhino Poaching is an internationally recognized non-profit organization that is doing highly effective rhino conservation work to provide the necessary strategic and tactical support to train, supply and assist rangers on the ground who are actively fighting the war against poaching.   They help rhino reserves enhance their efficiency and optimize their security capabilities which ensures that rhino lives are saved. 

Chipembere Rhino Foundation  focuses on rhino conservation and improves stringent anti-poaching efforts needed on the ground.  They lend their solid reputation, experience and vast network of resources to provide proven tools that assist Southern Africa's Rhino custodians to protect rhino against poaching. 

Africa Foundation focuses on empowering and educating communities and enabling conservation in Africa.  They are currently funding projects in more than 40 communities throughout Africa. Africa Foundation was born out of the belief that through effective consultation and collaboration with local leadership, rural communities are empowered to enable development on a successful and sustainable scale.

Rhinos without Borders 

Faced with a devastating exponential rise in illegal rhino poaching in South Africa, with 30% of the rhino population being lost in the last 10 years, Rhinos Without Borders was formed in order to start moving these endangered animals away from the poaching hotspots to a safer environment.